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Learn Polish – Polish podcast with transcription

Polish podcast recorded by a Pole!

Swojski Język Polski is a free podcast for Polish learners. If you listen to the podcast regularly, you will improve your listening skills and acquire new vocabulary. Before you realize it, you will gain more fluency in spoken Polish as well! I believe in teaching and learning a foreign language in a more natural, automatic way – similar to how children acquire their native languages. No workbooks or rote learning are involved!

In my podcast I discuss Polish customs and holidays, Polish job market, health, technology, history, psychology and more. You can improve your knowldege of Polish vocabulary and grammar as well.

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Free Polish podcast with transcription

Each podcast episode has a transcription in Polish that you can follow along. Don’t check every new word in a dictionary! Listen to each episode at least twice and try to get the general sense of it. Next, check only the words that are crucial in helping you understand the general meaning. Check out the podcast’s Instagram for more vocabulary lessons, follow the podcast on Facebook and subscribe to the podcast’s YouTube channel. All for free! Good luck!

You can also sign up for Polish conversations with the podcast’s author.


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2 thoughts on “Learn Polish – Polish podcast with transcription

    1. Cześć 🙂 Cieszę się, że mój podcast Ci się podoba 🙂 Właśnie skończyłam dodawać transkrypcję wstępu do wszystkich dotychczasowych odcinków podcastu. Dzięki za komentarz, na pewno transkrypcja wstępu przyda się też innym słuchaczom. Pozdrawiam! Agnieszka

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